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There’s nothing more satisfying than doing a victory dance to celebrate major breakthroughs in my client’s lives! Too often beautiful, soulful, extraordinary people often give up on finding their ideal job, living a satisfying lifestyle or finding their soul mate. That’s really too bad! There may be something minor that is interfering with their amazing connection to manifest their dreams. I relish watching my clients clear away the obstacles and engage in ideal work, live a beautiful lifestyle and find true love. What a thrill! By clearing out those annoying obstacles to success, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Yes, with a little laser coaching and a lot of fun, my clients prosper greatly. This is accomplished by always keeping your life’s purpose in the forefront of your coaching experience.

What can you accomplish by hiring a seasoned coach?

Your unique gifts are urgently needed by this world. This time in history is a turning point in human consciousness. By stepping into your power and clearing out limiting beliefs, you become the person who feels more self-confident. That self-confidence helps you make big strides in your life. Because I am a professional counselor and a certified coach with many years of experience, I listen to your dreams and goals with great interest. By listening deeply to your story, I ask powerful questions. Your answers to these questions help to dissolve limiting beliefs. Once a new picture of success is clearly visualized, it replaces the old stuck thinking that has been holding you back. Now new goals are set in place. Next, a doable plan to accomplishment those goals is created and delivered. I become your accountably partner who gently shepherds you into bringing your dreams to life. I am ready to help you shine brightly and to enjoy your human magnificence!

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Unstoppable Dating Strategies

If you have been single for a while and dream of having a long-term relationship but don’t know where to start, I provide you with insight, exercises, and tools necessary to lift emotional barriers and build self-esteem. That’s the key to attracting the best highest quality long-term relationship you’ve ever had!

Not sure if Soulmate Coaching is the right path for you?

Consider the magnificent benefits you can expect:


Release old programming that keeps you stuck in unhappiness


 Become an unstoppable magnet for your desires


Date more happily and successfully by using my 10 powerful keys


Transform your life to the highest version of yourself


Identify what you really want in a long-term relationship


Take inspired action with amazing results


Learn to love yourself more and build positive self-esteem


Gain access to the most magnetic relationship strategies on the planet


Enjoy a confidential alliance while keeping your best interest at heart


Reclaim your personal power

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Jo Ann Simmons is a miraculous life coach, who is passionate in helping others attract their beloved soul mates and partners. Jo Ann gave me the tools to know exactly what I wanted in a husband, to discern what I bring to the table, and to clear the path of my own unconscious resistance. Through her professionalism, life experiences, and intuitive gifts, Jo Ann facilitates healing by lovingly diving deep into wellsprings of important and crucial questions. Tonya Tolson. C.P.C.

Spiritual Life Coach, Luminous Connections

Jo Ann, has helped me tremendously to get a clear list of quatlities I would like in a commited relationship. She was able to help me clear all my fears and blocks from past relationships. Jo Ann was able to help me tune in to the traits I want in a man. I have so much clarity and a general peace of mind. I was able to find a way to meet men that was comfortable and felt right for me. Linda Levesque, LMT

CEO, Naturalutions

Jo Ann is a compassionate and trusted coach with years of expertise behind her. She understands how to heal and create new relationships by attracting the right person in your life. I highly recommend her coaching services. Rosalind Sedacca, CDC

Founder, Child-Centered Divorce Network

I recommend the services of Jo Ann Simmons as a trusted coach unequivocally. She is a great guide for those that are seeking clarity in life, love and relationships. She is honest and trustworthy. She knows how to inspire the people she works with. Being coached by her helped me more than words can describe. Sarena S. Morello, MS.LMHC

Transformational Life Coach & CEO, ShaktiMusic

Jo Ann is an experienced certified coach whose strategies and techniques are highly effective in helping clients find their ideal relationship.  I absolutely recommend her services if you are ready to find that special person. Amy Sherman, MA, LMHC

Relationship Coach


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